[Lava-announce] New mailing lists and refactoring changes

Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Mon Sep 28 09:13:30 UTC 2015

After discussions at the LAVA Users Forum at Connect SFO15 [0], the LAVA
team have arranged for some changes in the mailing lists to make it easier
to announce and manage the upcoming changes from the ongoing refactoring.

https://lists.linaro.org/mailman/listinfo/lava-users - a discussion list
amongst users for users, with some admins listening in and helping out.
Users in this sense includes test writers and administrators of LAVA
instances outside Linaro. It is particularly aimed at those running LAVA in
places where Linaro is not necessarily aware of the install. I'm not asking
for LAVA instances to declare themselves, it is free software after all, it
is an offer of assistance and a request that users take advantage of the
support available to manage the implications of the refactoring for their
own use cases. Please feel free to initiate threads and discuss issues and
problems on the lava-users list.

As a reminder, for those who use LAVA but have not recently been to a
Connect, the dispatcher is being refactored and this had led to
advancements and modifications in the lava-server as well as a completely
re-written job submission format. LAVA is retaining compatibility *only*
with the Lava Test Shell Definitions (the YAML files people are currently
using) and there can be no automated way of converting existing JSON job
submissions to the new job submission format (which uses YAML to allow for
comments, amongst other improvements).

The timetable for these changes is expected to cover most of 2016. After
https://validation.linaro.org/ has migrated to the new code, the current
dispatcher code will start to be removed from the upstream in 2017.

One result of these changes is that as the Linaro production instance
migrates away from the current dispatcher codebase, there is a likelihood
of some breakage in some parts of the current dispatcher. (This is one of
the primary reasons why the dispatcher is being refactored.)

The refactoring introduces a lot of benefits, including much more robust
communication between the workers and the master, removal of configuration
on the workers so that admins only change things in one place, a lot of new
methods within the dispatcher to support new types of test and a much
cleaner, more modular, codebase for future development.

Also, the Linaro Validation Mailman List <linaro-validation at lists.linaro.org>
is to be renamed (keeping linaro-validation as an alias) to lava-devel for
consistency with lava-users and lava-announce. There will be a separate
email to the linaro-validation list about these changes shortly.

These new mailing lists will be included in the documentation included in
next release of the LAVA software (2015.10). Documentation of the new code
is already in the master branch of lava-server and installed via the
lava-server-doc package and the initial code for the refactoring is being
developed in parallel with the current code. This list will be used to
announce when the refactoring codebase is ready for admins to begin
migrating tests and test writers to the new code and methods - currently,
the new dispatcher is developer only. At SFO15, there was also an update on
the state of the refactoring. [1]

lava-announce will continue to be a low volume list. Reply-To has been set
to the linaro-validation mailing list (transparently migrating to
lava-devel once the linaro-validation alias is in place).

The LAVA developers would ask that everyone running LAVA would subscribe to
at least the lava-announce mailing list, to help with the migration to the
new support.

Videos will be available for most meetings at SFO15 in due course. The
slides are already available.

[0] https://sfo15.pathable.com/meetings/302656
[1] https://sfo15.pathable.com/meetings/303074


Neil Williams
Tech Lead, LAVA software team.
neil.williams at linaro.org
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