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Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Fri Dec 1 19:09:44 UTC 2017


Now that the migration to V2 is in the final stages, the LAVA software team
is looking at how the next stages of development will be managed. (The
remaining large items are a clean up of the scheduler and porting
lava-dispatcher and lava-server to python3.)

We'll be retiring bugzilla and moving to using lava-users mailing list for
issue reporting. Members of the LAVA software team will then file tickets
to cover any work involved in fixes discussed on the list. The ticket
itself won't be visible without a Linaro login but there will be an
associated LAVA story which is visible anonymously.  The team member
creating the ticket and the linked story will be responsible for updating
the lava-users mailing list with progress and feeding back any comments.
This allows us to collate multiple enquiries into one ticket or create
multiple stories out of one discussion whilst allowing us to properly
prioritise the work.

If you have a Linaro login, you can create tickets in the normal way:

There is also a public Dashboard:
The dashboard has a dedicated section for tickets and stories which
originated on the lava-users mailing list. The dashboard also gives an
indication of when the next release is due.

The workflow looks like this:

Ticket created Linked LAVA story created.

When work starts, the LAVA story goes into In Progress.

If the work has to wait for other work to be completed, the story and
ticket may be put into Blocked.

When a review is uploaded to review.linaro.org, the LAVA story goes into

When the review is merged, the LAVA story goes into Resolved with a
FixVersion of the next LAVA production release, e.g. 2017.12 or 2018.1.
Also, the ticket goes into InProgress.

When the release is made, the LAVA story goes to Done and the ticket goes
to Awaiting Acceptance. If no problems arise, the ticket is then Closed.

The LAVA story will be mentioned in the commit message of the associated
review and will therefore show up in the packaged changelog and git history.

There will still be reviews uploaded which are not directly linked to a
LAVA story or ticket but for work which needs to be scheduled, planned or
prioritised, a ticket and story will be created.


Neil Williams
neil.williams at linaro.org
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