[Lava-announce] LAVA, Django, Stretch and python3

Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Wed Jun 7 12:27:24 UTC 2017

This is a long mail but there is a lot to cover...


Debian Stretch is expected to be released on June 17 2017:

As has been mentioned on this list before - admins MUST check the apt
sources for all machines *NOW* to ensure that all your Debian apt
sources are pointing at 'jessie' NOT 'stable' if you are to be able to
manage the upgrade yourself.

What you want in /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* is:

deb http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/debian jessie main
deb http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/debian jessie-backports main

(The mirror you choose is up to you.)

If you find any apt sources referencing 'stable' or 'testing' CHANGE
THESE NOW or those systems could automatically upgrade to Stretch or
Buster respectively on 17th June.

As with all such releases, production machines are recommended to
allow some time for final testing before doing the upgrade. The
Cambridge LAVA lab is expected to upgrade from Jessie to Stretch
during August 2017. The LAVA software team have been doing testing of
this upgrade for some time, without issues. However, real machines
with extra packages and local admin configuration cannot be tested in
this way, so each lab should take some time to plan when and how to do
the upgrade. (Hint: have a backup and check that it can be restored
correctly before starting.)

There has been a fix for lava-server in stretch to smooth the upgrade
for those users who have not installed lava-server from
jessie-backports. Those already running 2017.* are not affected by
this change and can continue using jessie-backports and the LAVA
repositories as before. Stretch will release with lava-server
2016.12-2 and python-django 1:1.10.7-2

Once Stretch is released, Debian testing will be called 'buster',
Debian stable will be 'stretch' and Debian oldstable will be 'jessie'.

At a later date, jessie-backports will be opened again and a new
stretch-backports will become available. New LAVA production releases
will be uploaded to unstable to migrate into testing (buster) and then
be backported to stretch-backports and jessie-backports. The LAVA
repositories will be updated as well.

Support for jessie-backports will continue after stretch-backports
support is added but cannot continue indefinitely. At some point, all
instances will need to have moved to Stretch to continue getting
updates of LAVA. (Prior to the process of releasing Debian Buster, the
jessie packages will be dropped from the archive, including

Changes in LAVA repositories

2017.6 will be released in the same way as previous releases in 2017 -
to the LAVA repository for use on jessie using jessie-backports.

At a later point, 2017.6 will be uploaded to Debian unstable for
migration into testing (buster). Only developers should install that
version as Debian unstable can be problematic in the first few weeks
after a Debian stable release.

There are changes in how the lava packages are built on jessie versus
on stretch, so the lava repositories will be split. I'll be updating
the documentation in 2017.6 to cover the changes required to help
admins use the new suites. There will be a new jessie-backports suite
and a new stretch-backports suite. The existing 'sid' or unstable
suite will have no uploads after 2017.6.

This will be covered again in the 2017.6 release email and again with
2017.7. For now, no changes are required.

Once the new suites are announced, admins who choose to upgrade to
Stretch would use the stretch-backports suite from the LAVA

deb https://images.validation.linaro.org/production-repo stretch-backports main

Those who will upgrade later, would use jessie-backports from the LAVA

deb https://images.validation.linaro.org/production-repo jessie-backports main

The purpose of these suites is to allow admins to choose to upgrade to
the latest production release for jessie or stretch without waiting
for the migration of the packages into Debian testing and the
subsequent uploads to backports. The packages are otherwise the same.


Longer term, there have been a lot of discussions within Debian about
managing django releases. The plan is that only django LTS releases
will be available in Debian unstable, testing and therefore stable
after the Stretch release. Non-LTS releases will only be available in
Debian experimental. This means that lava-server will migrate from one
django LTS to the next django LTS with future Debian releases. The
LAVA software team will manage how deprecation cycles within django
affect lava-server.

This does have the issue that the version of django in Debian stable
will be towards the end of the upstream support cycle but it is better
than having a non LTS django release in Debian stable. Synchronising
releases across multiple upstream teams is not feasible.

The next django LTS release after 1.8 is 1.11 which is expected to be
in the next Debian stable release - buster.



The last django LTS release to support python2.7 will be 1.11 LTS
which retains upstream security and data loss bug fix support until at
least April 2020.

The LAVA software team have already been testing lava-dispatcher V2
with python3. Once the V1 code is removed from lava-server, testing
will proceed for lava-server too. We fully expect to be able to
support lava-dispatcher V2 and lava-server V2 on python2.7 and python3
for a limited time.

There will never be python3 support in lava-dispatcher V1 or lava-server V1.

Python2.7 support for lava-dispatcher V2 and lava-server V2 will be
removed at some point prior to the release of the next django LTS
after 1.11 which is 2.2 LTS, due in April 2019.

Once django 2.0 (non-LTS) arrives in Debian experimental, the LAVA
software team will begin testing lava-dispatcher V2 and lava-server V2
with python3. For some period in 2018, both python2 and python3 will
be supportable but only when building local developer packages. LAVA
production releases will stay on python2.7 during testing with
python3. Once we are happy that python3 support is ready, there will
be an email to this list and the following production release will
provide only python3 packages. This change will be transparent for
most instances, the upgrade will simply pull in a lot of python3
packages and the python2 packages will be left unused.

Reviews and contributions to lava-dispatcher V2 already run the unit
tests with python3 and once the V1 code is removed, this will start to
happen with the lava-server code as well.

LAVA can move to python3 at any time once the V1 code is removed - all
the necessary support is already available in Jessie. LAVA will have
to move to python3 before django 2.2LTS is the only version of django
released in Debian stable.

Details of how this will be managed are yet to be defined. We expect
to continue parallel support of python2.7 and python3 for a limited

It is likely that support for jessie-backports would need to cease
before support for both python2.7 and python3 is included, just to
manage to matrix of builds and tests. LAVA can support python3 using
django 1.11LTS but must drop support for python2.7 to support django


17th June 2017 - expected date of Debian Stretch release

August 2017 - migration of Cambridge lab to Debian Stretch instead of Jessie

November/December 2017 - removal of V1 codebase

Q1 2018 - testing with django 1.11 LTS

Q2 2018 - testing with python3, likely end of support for jessie-backports

Q3/4 2018 - add python3 support

Q1 2019 - drop python2.7 support.

April 2019 - release of django 2.2LTS


Neil Williams
neil.williams at linaro.org

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