[Lava-announce] Roadmap to the removal of LAVA V1

Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Fri Sep 1 09:53:55 UTC 2017

The LAVA software team are happy to announce the roadmap for the removal of
LAVA V1 support, test data and source code.

The next LAVA production release will be 2017.9 which will be the last
release with functioning V1 support. There are no changes to V1 in 2017.9,
so it will continue working as it does currently for this release.

https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LAVA-994 tracks the work for 2017.9

Any instance where V1 test jobs need to continue running must NOT upgrade
beyond 2017.9. There will be no future updates of V1 for any reason and no
support for anything related to V1 other than to migrate V1 test jobs and
devices to V2.

Blocking V1 test job submissions with 2017.10

The 2017.10 release will *disable* the submission of all V1 test jobs
either from the UI or using XML-RPC or lava-tool. If any devices still have
V1 health checks, those health checks will no longer run. Any queued V1
test jobs will run. Only V2 test jobs will be allowed to be submitted.

https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LAVA-1026 tracks the work for 2017.10

If you want to keep a read-only archive of your V1 test data, then 2017.10
is the last chance to create this archive. Any instance where the V1 data
should remain visible must NOT upgrade beyond 2017.10.

Removing access to V1 URLs in 2017.11

All URLs related to V1 will be removed or disabled in the 2017.11 release -
the Dashboard drop-down menu will disappear and any bookmarks to dashboard
URLs would give a 404. The Dashboard XML-RPC API will become no-ops
returning no data. This means that bundles and bundle streams will not be
able to be downloaded or viewed. Filters, Image Reports and Image Reports
2.0 will all become unavailable.

V1 documentation will be deleted in this release - the V2 docs will be
promoted as the LAVA documentation, removing references to V1.

The V1 source code for lava-dispatcher will be deleted at this point. There
will be some changes to the directory structure of the remaining code, so
if you are maintaining out of tree patches, you will need to fix some merge

Elements of the web UI which distinguish between V1 and V2 support will
also be disabled and removed. This will include removing access to viewing
or downloading the log files of V1 test jobs.

https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LAVA-1028 tracks the work for 2017.11

DELETION of V1 test data in 2017.12

This has been highlighted many times in LAVA announcements, Connect
sessions, in the documentation and in all support enquiries. It is finally
happening with 2017.12

Any instance which installs 2017.12 will directly cause the deliberate and
permanent deletion of ALL V1 TEST DATA for that instance. Bundles,
BundleStreams, Filters, Image Reports, Image Reports 2.0 - everything in
the database which relates to V1 will be deleted.

Alongside the removal of the test data, the V1 source code will also be
deleted from the lava-server codebase.

*This is a one-way process*. If there is no usable backup for the instance,
there will be NO way to restore any V1 data after this point. After
restoring from backup, if 2017.12 or any later release is installed, the V1
data will again be deleted.

https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LAVA-1029 tracks the work for 2017.12


Neil Williams
neil.williams at linaro.org
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