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Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Thu Sep 20 23:52:20 UTC 2018

Opening up LAVA development

The LAVA software project has been developed in the open from its very
beginning: Free Software licensing, public discussion spread across IRC and
email, and open access to the software development repositories. The
roadmap and planning behind LAVA development has also become increasingly
open over time, with the use of publicly archived mailing lists and
anonymous access to LAVA issue tracking.

A community of users and contributors has steadily grown up around LAVA.
With the completion of the migration to the V2 codebase, the Linaro LAVA
software team is now moving to a more open development model. We invite new
and existing contributors to be directly involved in planning future
development of the LAVA software project. To this end, Linaro has created
the new LAVA Software Community Project (LSCP) to host and foster LAVA
development with more input and control available to the community. This
removes the need for contributors to register with Linaro, and provides
much more flexibility for LAVA Software development.

The existing Linaro lab in Harston, UK, will remain entirely within Linaro,
providing test infrastructure for Linaro and its members. The sole focus of
the new community project will be LAVA software itself. This will allow the
project to focus on priorities beyond just what Linaro needs, for example
easier integration of devices and new/different use cases. The Linaro
engineers working directly on LAVA software have migrated into a
newly-formed Linaro LAVA Software Team and will act as the founding
maintainers and contributors for the upstream LAVA Software Community
Project. The Linaro LAVA Software Team will still retain access to the
Linaro lab staging instance (https://staging.validation.linaro.org/) for
functional testing using devices available within the Linaro lab.

A new home - https://www.lavasoftware.org

The LAVA Software Community Project (LSCP) has a new home at
We have set up initial services there including:

https://www.lavasoftware.org/ - the main website

https://git.lavasoftware.org/ - a GitLab instance to which we have moved
upstream LAVA development

https://master.lavasoftware.org/ - a LAVA master service, available for
development use

Existing LAVA contributors will need to reconfigure their git checkouts
accordingly. The new GitLab instance does not share credentials with the
existing git.linaro.org service; new accounts will be needed - see the
introductory contribution guide
https://master.lavasoftware.org/static/docs/v2/contribution-intro.html  and
the full https://master.lavasoftware.org/static/docs/v2/contribution.html
for more details. The former location on git.linaro.org will be archived in
due course.

New repositories exist for the nightly LAVA builds at
https://apt.lavasoftware.org/debian/ (using our existing apt signing key)
and the documentation is being updated to match. The primary location for
test images used in LAVA software functional testing will now be
https://files.lavasoftware.org/; a process to add more files to extend the
functional tests will follow soon. URLs using
http://images.validation.linaro.org/ will continue to be available for a
transitional period.

New mailing lists will also be available soon on the lavasoftware.org site.
There will be a separate announcement about this shortly; subscriptions are
not yet open on the new site.

Contributing to the LSCP

The LAVA Software Community Project has published a Contribution Guide
https://master.lavasoftware.org/static/docs/v2/contribution.html; all
contributors will be expected to adhere to this when submitting issues or
merge requests. These guidelines are designed to clarify the requirements
for contributions, to make contributing more efficient for all involved.
The contribution guide also includes details of how to switch from the old
development process to the new.

We have also adopted a Code of Conduct for the LSCP (
https://www.lavasoftware.org/code-of-conduct.html). All participants in the
LAVA Software Community Project will be expected to communicate and behave
appropriately when working with us.

We request that contributors with currently unmerged Gerrit reviews on
https://review.linaro.org/#/q/status:open+lava/lava should move these
across into merge requests in the new system at
https://git.lavasoftware.org/lava/lava. We will offer help here on request,
but will not automatically migrate them ourselves.

All the outstanding LAVA JIRA stories have been converted into GitLab
issues at https://git.lavasoftware.org/lava/lava/boards. We intend to use
the GitLab workflow for easy integration between CI, issues and merge
requests. At some point in the near future, Linaro will disable the LAVA
projects on Gerrit (https://review.linaro.org/) and JIRA (

A new way of contributing to LAVA is also under development. A federated
functional testing system for LAVA will allow multiple labs to contribute
to distributed functional testing of LAVA Software, by running specially
designed test jobs on a much wider range of hardware. More details of this
will be announced in due course.

Please ensure that you abide by the Code of Conduct and please read the
contribution guide
https://master.lavasoftware.org/static/docs/v2/contribution.html alongside
this announcement. Discussion of our new project structure is very welcome:
please post to the existing lava-users mailing list at
lava-users at lists.linaro.org. Please note that some details of the LSCP are
not yet finalised, so not every question may be answered at this time.

LSCP governance

Options for the future governance of the LAVA Software Community Project
are being prepared - more details will follow.


Neil Williams
neil.williams at linaro.org
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