[Lava-users] Moving to systemd

Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Mon Nov 13 17:58:00 UTC 2017

LAVA, until now, has packaged SysVinit files to manage the various daemons
but there have been longstanding problems with log rotation and the need to
carry redundant code to manage the daemonize process for python scripts.
This has allowed instances to support both SysVinit and systemd because
systemd automatically converts the SysVinit files to systemd service files.

Now that V1 has been removed, it has become possible and advantageous to
drop SysVinit support and move to only systemd support. This is expected to
mean that lava-dispatcher (and therefore lava-server) will depend on
systemd-sysv, i.e. systemd needs to be the init system to be able to start
the daemons upon which LAVA relies.

A default install of Debian Jessie and Stretch already defaults to using
systemd as the init system, so this does not necessarily involve any

If there are questions or issues with this, please reply to the lava-users
mailing list.


Neil Williams
neil.williams at linaro.org
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