[Lava-users] error while executing LAVA power on script

Philippe BEGNIC philippe.begnic at st.com
Thu Nov 16 08:13:29 UTC 2017

Hello Lava team,

We have implemented new scripts to support flashing in our "power on" script.
This script manage the PDU, boot pins configuration of the board and an external ST flasher.

At the beginning of the job, the "power on" script is launched.
Then  I got the following  error message  <line way too long ...> .
This cause the execution script to be interrupted, but the job is not interrupted and can continue without flashing the board.
I do not have any additional logs regarding this error on the LAVA web interface.

Our power on script is composed of several scripts that are "chained", script power on call another script,
that call another one.

Do you have an idea about this error ?

Details concerning our configuration :

* we use LAVA V2 ( version 06/2017 ).
* our jobs are pipelined jobs ( LAVA V2)
* Lava server // dispatcher are installed through dockers.


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