[Lava-users] Migrating scheduling into lava-master

Neil Williams neil.williams at linaro.org
Wed Nov 22 08:51:10 UTC 2017

LAVA requires a range of singleton daemon processes to schedule, organise,
publish and log the test job operations. 2017.12 will be retiring the
lava-server daemon and the /var/log/lava-server/lava-scheduler.log, moving
those operations into the lava-master daemon and the
/var/log/lava-server/lava-master.log. This is one of the steps in the
removal of V1.

This leads a substantial change to how admins approach an instance running
2017.12 or later.

When jobs don't appear to be running for some reason, the default action is
to check /var/log/lava-server/lava-scheduler.log - once the instance is
running 2017.12 or later, admins need to remember that it is correct for:

* /var/log/lava-server/lava-scheduler.log to be empty
* the status of the lava-server daemon to be active (exited)
* the lava-server service to not restart

At some point after 2017.12 has been running, admins can choose to archive
or purge /var/log/lava-server/lava-scheduler.log* and / or disable the
lava-server service using systemctl.

The scheduler from 2017.12 onwards will consist of:

* /var/log/lava-server/lava-master.log
* /var/log/lava-server/lava-logs.log
* the status of the lava-master daemon will be active (running)
* the lava-master service will restart when admins request it.


Neil Williams
neil.williams at linaro.org
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