[Lava-users] Local lava test

Steve McIntyre steve.mcintyre at linaro.org
Wed Nov 22 13:44:52 UTC 2017

Hi Denis,

On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 01:35:32PM +0000, Denis HUMEAU wrote:
>I’m quite sure I’ve seen somewhere in Lava documentation an article explaining
>how to replay some Lava jobs in a local mode, but I can’t find this piece of
>information anymore.
>By local mode, I mean:
>-       DUT at the developer desk, not in the test farm
>-       Jobs available on a Lava server
>-       Developer wants to replay/modify locally a job
>Can you share any link or help on this?

It's not directly in the LAVA docs as such, but we might migrate it
there yet:


It's written mentioning LKFT and kernel engineers, but it's not
specific to them. :-)

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