[Lava-users] LAVA and Mender

Arnstein Kleven arnstein at yoimo.no
Thu Nov 23 13:23:59 UTC 2017


my embedded system is using Mender for over-the-air updates.
The way Mender works is that the embedded system needs to have to rootfs
partitions, where one is actively being used, and the other is written to
when a over-the-air update is initiated. After the new rootfs is written,
Mender will change a variable in the bootloader environment and reboot, so
that the system boots into the new rootfs. If there is a problem booting
into the new rootfs, the bootloader will be set to boot into the old one
Has anyone here written LAVA tests for systems that use Mender? If so, have
you experienced that Mender has complicated the test automation?
Any Mender boot test templates would also be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Arnstein Kleven
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