[Lava-users] rootfs resize in LAVA2

Anibal Limon anibal.limon at linaro.org
Thu Nov 23 15:33:45 UTC 2017

On 23 November 2017 at 09:18, Dragos Iorgulescu <Dragos.Iorgulescu at enea.com>

> Hi everyone!

Hi Dragos,

> Does LAVA offer a way to resize rootfs images (“ramdisk_files”, as they
> are referred to in the code) before deploying them?
> We are working with our own Linux distro on a Cavium board and we need to
> resize the rootfs image (which is ext4) *after* the test overlays are
> added by LAVA. This step is necessary since we need to run a series of
> community tests that imply a large number of package dependencies. Also, we
> do not want to resize the whole image by default, since this will have
> other CI storage side effects and, also, some policy implications (that I
> am not really aware of 😊).

There is no functionality for resize images in LAVA,  here is another
discussion related [1].

> Anyway, we are currently looking at adding/altering apply_overlay.py
> (pipeline/actions/) in order to run a resize2fs command after the “updated”
> ramdisk is unmounted. Just wondering if there is already a more elegant way
> of doing this.

Now you can (2017.11) execute your own shell code into a LXC previous the
deployment of the image and make the resize,
I'm using it to increase the rootfs debian image size (ext4) for a db410c
device. [2]

> We are also considering making some extensions and maybe get to the point
> where we could specify this type of requirement in the device dictionary or
> the device template itself, and then specific code would be executed only
> if such a setting would be encountered at runtime, but that remains to be
> discussed.


[1]  https://lists.linaro.org/pipermail/lava-users/2017-November/000575.html
[2] https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1652299/definition#defline75

> Thanks in advance!
> Dragoș
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