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Dragos Iorgulescu Dragos.Iorgulescu at enea.com
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Hi Anibal,

Thanks a lot for the hints!

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On 23 November 2017 at 09:18, Dragos Iorgulescu <Dragos.Iorgulescu at enea.com<mailto:Dragos.Iorgulescu at enea.com>> wrote:
Hi everyone!

Hi Dragos,

Does LAVA offer a way to resize rootfs images (“ramdisk_files”, as they are referred to in the code) before deploying them?
We are working with our own Linux distro on a Cavium board and we need to resize the rootfs image (which is ext4) after the test overlays are added by LAVA. This step is necessary since we need to run a series of community tests that imply a large number of package dependencies. Also, we do not want to resize the whole image by default, since this will have other CI storage side effects and, also, some policy implications (that I am not really aware of 😊).

There is no functionality for resize images in LAVA,  here is another discussion related [1].

Anyway, we are currently looking at adding/altering apply_overlay.py (pipeline/actions/) in order to run a resize2fs command after the “updated” ramdisk is unmounted. Just wondering if there is already a more elegant way of doing this.

Now you can (2017.11) execute your own shell code into a LXC previous the deployment of the image and make the resize,
I'm using it to increase the rootfs debian image size (ext4) for a db410c device. [2]

We are also considering making some extensions and maybe get to the point where we could specify this type of requirement in the device dictionary or the device template itself, and then specific code would be executed only if such a setting would be encountered at runtime, but that remains to be discussed.


[1]  https://lists.linaro.org/pipermail/lava-users/2017-November/000575.html<https://url10.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1eHtVh-0002dL-4c&i=57e1b682&c=qf0Vu-AkzX3O8pKKM9bmCRkghnZHgNge3XwUgkIVqmZw9cs6xfjvNsH4bIIs8S31xlwu5jRIfS1K1qwggi9gCBGbgWuG4ocSP01Ek7Myqz2T0Q2tBNSGjJop4i3HZii8U98o0S5zD4lJuy8Pj2MnZLfQecNzQbsN_LzhBGIalWRCQyXX2DkynoO-R30chPoq7EjxXUba00i6I3W9LaZ5Q6PCxGx0PbQXHbVjoPpxUiKdR858Fl4Es2hU31jWr83lbk5Jo6EVCE6ifnDbH6xqpiGkuUl9xAzF4mgZ4B-Kz7Y>
[2] https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1652299/definition#defline75<https://url10.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1eHtVh-0002dL-4c&i=57e1b682&c=eiCLIMY3fvVkxbL5is0SD6kV4IzTrC6sgm5WD-FiTYDprtgSm1b0hYP9_12RtyfF_UwVCyBM78qWNrmyBFQ_l_na7njpyjhHSK7cofNxNxKm4-RXnxuSdyE7jrKNntBm2Hy7qyVoVMGCAsiPzKoelzwWfZkOcQxvv0cAGN5DAUyDii2kYrerFIr_5ttPniPWxp1PwxrKdA9tq-ODuBm4ho3Cptan_Kcn6HeR9FO_lk34G-31tL8WThl06F_5I0gzGk5wMrEkCIzKQBijKspG0WYgjJFC4qgn0hxm3yEp6FA>

Thanks in advance!

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