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the worker will register itself to the master automatically. You don't have
to create the worker manually.

Just configure the worker to connect to your master.
This is done in /etc/lava-dispatcher/lava-slave
An example configuration file is available
at /usr/share/lava-dispatcher/lava-slave

For a first try, you can start without encryption and only define the
following variables in the configuration file:

You can also specify the HOSTNAME if you want. By default the slave will
use the name of the server it's running on.

This will instruct you local lava-slave (this is the name of the service)
to connect to the local lava-master.
Then restart the lava-slave with "service lava-slave restart"


2018-08-07 12:07 GMT+02:00 ljh_dev <ljh_dev at 126.com>:

> I am ready to deploy a local lava single master demo system. The server
> and dispatcher had be installed in a single computer.
> In order to enable the server to kno the dispatcher(worker),Then how to
> configure something.
> Is doing this?:
>         sudo lava-server manage workers add <HOSTNAME>    ,that  HOSTNAME
> is changed in /etc/lava-dispatcher/lava-slave file?
> And when did,How to see  whether dispatcher is working already?
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