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That means the config .jinja2 file must be saved fixed directory path,so that no need a tools to take effect this config file,is it?
In addtion,through web admin interface,I had added qemu device, and web devices list can display new qemu device ok. But I did't write above config items to any .jinja2 file.  It can  work success even without .jinja2 config file,is right?

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the device dictionary should be store in /etc/lava-server/dispatcher-config/devices/<hostname>.jinja2

For example, if your device is called qemu-01, the device dictionary should be stored at /etc/lava-server/dispatcher-config/devices/qemu-01.jinja2

You don't have to restart any process after a change to a device dictionary.


2018-08-09 9:49 GMT+02:00 ljh_dev <ljh_dev at 126.com>:

I am building lava test system and currently add new addvice.
According to document than step of "Adding a dictionary to the first QEMU device",follow config items neet to write to .jianja2 file.
{% extends 'qemu.jinja2' %}
{% set mac_addr = '52:54:00:12:34:59' %}
{% set memory = '1024' %}

Which file is to be writen to  above config items ?does its directory path  must be at path:/etc/lava-server/dispatcher-config/device-types/?
How to make these items take effect immediatly?which command to use to take effect above config items? the document is not said.


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