[Lava-users] How the parameter {KERNEL} of boot action be passed ?

Remi Duraffort remi.duraffort at linaro.org
Thu Aug 16 06:14:14 UTC 2018

>  https://validation.linaro.org/static/docs/v2/actions-boot.html#index-9
> - setenv loadkernel 'tftp {KERNEL_ADDR} {KERNEL}'
> It say the {KERNEL} will be substituted.  Where is   {KERNEL} variable
> defined? When I submit job  definition by web interface,I did't find where
> to define {KERNEL} variable

As stated in the documentation you are reading:
"The definitions will typically include placeholders which LAVA will
substitute with dynamic data as necessary. For example, the full path to a
tftp kernel image will be expanded to include a job-specific temporary
directory when a job is started."

for the deploy action to put in the job definition with the corresponding
"kernel" variable.


RĂ©mi Duraffort
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